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Unique Value Proposition

Why Choose Us?

We know what it takes to make parts that will benefit your machining needs, with years of experience working closely with established companies. With our highly skilled inhouse team of engineers, machinists, and toolmakers.

The benefits of working with us:

Markets Served / Supported industries


Semiconductors & Electronics

Oil & Gas


Medical Devices



Chemical & Energy

Turnkey Engineering

Scope: After a quick discussion, we will conduct a site visit and thorough evaluation to understand your timeline, budget and specifications, before proposing a solution that fits your requirements.

Design: We will propose a detailed design that addresses your requirements and conduct necessary risk assessments. Upon design confirmation, we will also be discussing on project monitoring, project duration, necessary details, and Bill of Material (BOM) list for accurate results.

Fabrication : At this stage, advised materials will be purchased accordingly, and machined to your requirements.

Assembly: Parts will be assembled according to the BOM list, with attention to every detail and strict compliance to requested parts.

Testing: With our extensive testing experience and capabilities, we ensure that each part delivered is fully functional, approved and safe to use.

Contract Manufacturing

Increase your technical insight with our expertise and resources, with flexibility to scale.

Build to Print

If you already have a specific design and specifications, we can fabricate your required tools and parts according to the required specification.

High Precision Machining

Machining high precision tooling and parts is our forte. With years of experience and attention to details, we can achieve up to +/-0.001 mm depending on your required tolerance.

Machined Parts and Components

With our wide range of machines, we can manufacture various parts, from simple to complex designs. We have the right tools and expertise to get the work done on every part and every surface.

Reverse Engineering & Modifications

Reverse engineer or modify your spare parts to an exact or better part with our engineering support. With our extensive knowledge in the field of engineering, we can work on any modifications on all parts.

Repair/ Rework

We can help you save costs with our repair services with the best possible solution to help you fix your parts, based on the condition, and intended usage.

Integrated Assemblies

We provide a full assembly service, based on your requirements. Our highly specialized team will install your parts accurately, securely packaging them for ready use, with your customized packaging, before shipping to you.

Tooling Application Support

We can help you with your tooling solutions, such as tooling enhancements, applications and material advisory. With years of experience in tool making and production of parts, our team has comprehensive knowledge on diagnosing tooling issues and providing the best solutions, so your tools can be ready for your production line.